A graduation film of students from the HKU, Utrecht University of the Arts. Read the story and see how you can get involved with our project.

Release date: 2018

Naar Nederlands


A young woman goes back to her family roots in search for the tragic story of her grandmother, discovers her family history and understands where she comes from.
















The story

In 1956 Judith Mimon, grandmother of filmmaker Iris Mimon, died in Safed, Israel. Little is known about her. One photo and a story about her death is all there is. She was only nineteen when she died due to a very late abortion. Right after giving birth to her first child, she got pregnant again. She decided to have an abortion, but the doctors told her she was already too far in her pregnancy. Only one doctor said he could, which eventually caused her death. This is the start of a family drama.


There are many things unclear about her story. What made Judith decide to do this abortion, knowing it was already too late? How was her husband involved in her decision? And is he really guilty like the family claims? How come the date on the grave is incorrect and adjusted later? Why is the family so mysterious about this event? How come her posterity doesn’t know anything about her?


Iris Mimon -

''There are people who have answers to these questions: my family. Before the story dies with them, before my grandmother dies with them, I need to know what happened to Safta Judith and why. I’m dealing with this mystery ever since I know about it. She’s my grandmother and I have the right to know her story. By means of a road trip across the world, from Canada to the USA to Israel, I will visit each family member that knows something about her life. A search for a grandmother, a family drama, a woman history in a family, strange happenings and a lot of unanswered questions. All this in a 50 minutes documentary''.

The latest developments


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Meet the crew


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The film already received support from a number of people and organizations, but unfortunately this is not enough to realize this film. Are you curious how the story of Safta Judith continues? Support us on crowdfunding and find out!

Iris is not alone in the search of her grandmother Safta Judith. To solve her mystery eight fellow students of the study Audio Visual Media in HKU, Utrecht university of the Arts, have signed on to join the search and complete the story. Iris Mimon, Matthijs Kardoes, Steffen de Back, Jasper Hutte, Erik Wiedenhof, Sjoerd Kats, Barry van der Knaap and Mark van Mameren will finish their studies in 2016 with, among others, this film. The crew is being completed by more talents from outside this study. That’s how the Safta Judith crew emerged.

Contact information


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Iris Mimon

Director & producer

Matthijs Kardoes

Director of photography

Anne Lotte Mos

Sound director

Jasper Hutte

Boom operator &
Music compostion

Steffen de Back


Lara Janssen

Communication assistent

Tiva Pam

Assistant director in The Netherlands

Joris Prakken

Sound design

Vlad Romanovski

Sound design

Erik Wiedenhof

Data handler &
Color grader

Marijne Verhoef

Producer Israel

Olaf Nagtegaal


Laura Brouwer


Maarten Wiedenhof

Family tree animation

Stijn Gertzen

Sound design

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